Slipped disc treatment with Epidural Injection

February 20, 2023 by Live Well Hospital0

Pain management in Ahmedabad is getting better with latest treatment and technology.
Slipped disc or herniated disc is a painful condition where the soft inner material of the spinal disc
bulges out, pressing against nearby nerves. It can lead to severe back pain, tingling, numbness, and
weakness in the affected area. While painkillers and physiotherapy can offer some relief, epidural
injections can be a highly effective treatment for slipped discs.
At Livewell Hospital, the best hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Dr. Hitesh  Patel specializes in
epidural injections for slipped discs. The procedure involves injecting a corticosteroid and local
anaesthetic medication into the epidural space surrounding the spinal cord. The medication helps to
reduce inflammation and provide long-term pain relief.
Epidural injections are a better option than taking painkillers for long-term pain relief as they have
fewer side effects and are more effective in targeting the source of the pain. Painkillers can cause
nausea, drowsiness, and other side effects, while epidural injections provide targeted relief without
causing significant side effects.
Epidural injections are also a non-surgical treatment option that can avoid the risks associated with
surgery. While surgery may be necessary in some cases, epidural injections can be an effective first-
line treatment for many patients with slipped discs.
In conclusion, epidural injections can provide significant relief for those suffering from the pain of a
slipped disc. At Livewell Hospital, Dr. Hitesh Patel is an expert in this procedure and can help
patients manage their pain and regain their quality of life. If you are suffering from a slipped disc,
contact Livewell Hospital to discuss the benefits of epidural injections as a treatment option.

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