Pain is typically a signal that your brain perceives that something is wrong. It is a feeling that is not nice, and is quite unpleasant. Often it feels like a prick or could be a tingle or a sting, or perhaps a burn or an ache that may be sharp or dull. Pain may come once and go or perhaps stay for a significant time or repeat depending on how it is. The problem with pain is that it affects your normal ability to live life and when it happens routinely or is strong it stops your normal function all together. Dealing with pain is important. Many people ignore pain until it’s too late and keep suffering. Pain being a signal that warns you that something is abnormal is as good as a warning bell that you once needed to keep in mind. 

Pain could happen due to illness, injury or a medical procedure. It could also be due to trauma, or even a bite. There are multiple reasons for pain but in all cases pain is a negative feeling or discomfort which does limit your normal ability to function and should not be ignored.

There are also, though quite uncommon, possible something known as idiopathic pain, which basically is a pain that can not be identified or pinpointed to what’s causing the pain. This is the term that doctors or nurses may  use for chronic pain or long term paid, lasting 6 months or longer, that has no identifiable cause. Though this may sound odd, such cases are rare but real. Pain can not be ignored regardless if you can’t identify where or how it’s happening.

Pain is constructed in your brain, however since the brain is connected to nerves you are more likely to feel a negative feeling of discomfort regardless of the intensity. However the intensity varies depending on how receptive your body is too the pain as well as the characteristics of pain. Characteristics of pain include its location, radiation, mode of onset or rather how it started, character, temporal pattern, exacerbating and relieving factors, and intensity. 

There are normally six types of pain generalized as the following:

  • Acute pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Breakthrough pain
  • Bone pain
  • Soft tissue pain
  • Nerve pain

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